夜之眼 Eyes of The Night

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2023.04.22 - 2023.05.11


Eyes of The Night

Artist 艺术家/Liu Lu 刘璐   

Moderated by 策划/Wang Yamin 王亚敏

Team 团队/Xue Heihei   薛黑黑   Chen Kexing   陈柯杏 Xie Yi   谢毅  Chen Ganlin   陈甘霖  Ni Qingrong   倪清蓉  Li Ying   李颖


 Maker 制作/

ICAN, chatGPTi


刘璐个人项目 Liu Lu’s Solo Project


/ 展览标题《夜之眼》灵感来源于玛雅•德伦(Maya Deren)于1958年拍摄的同名短片。在这部短片中,玛雅•德伦通过黑白负片捕捉到了夜空中闪烁的繁星与芭蕾舞者优美的舞姿。负片显影剥离了现实的正像,镜头内的一切都仿佛遵循着某种梦幻般的韵律在移动。半透明雾化的舞者身影在黑暗的宇宙中漂浮,夜之舞姿在光明与黑暗之间、抽象与具象之间,编织出多重时空的幻影。



此刻,我们被无数高清事物铸就的壁垒包围,不断闪烁、逐渐消隐、过度曝光,或是拖出雾化的时间光锥——那些关于我们对世界的模糊印象和感知,在混沌的宇宙、网络深处以及屏幕前,四散而居。本次展览的作品正是这种朦胧感知的一系列线索。现实在图像中扩散流转,时空与记忆催生了无数光线组合,共同编织成夜流中的痕迹之网。 /



/ The exhibition title "Eyes of the Night" is inspired by a short film of the same name shot by Maya Deren in 1958. In this short film, Maya Deren captures the twinkling stars in the night sky and the graceful dance of ballet dancers through black and white negative film. The negative film development strips away the positive image of reality, and everything in the lens seems to follow a dreamlike rhythm in motion. Semi-transparent, misty dancer figures float in the dark universe, and the dance of the night weaves phantoms of multiple time and space dimensions between light and darkness, and abstraction and concreteness.

Similarly, this exhibition focuses on the world within the flow of light, and the dreamy, dizzying sense of déjà vu inspired by light and shadow. This feeling is like capturing starlight floating in the dark void or dust swirling in beams of light. Before the birth of the world's first photograph, the sunlight photography technology at the time could not capture clear images, but captured perceptual signals of light and shadow, and the alternation of day and night on photosensitive plates.

At this moment, we are surrounded by countless barriers forged by high-definition objects, constantly flickering, gradually fading, overexposed, or dragged into foggy time cones—those vague impressions and perceptions about our world, scattered in the chaotic universe, the depths of the internet, and in front of screens. The works in this exhibition are a series of clues to this hazy perception. Reality diffuses and circulates in images, and time, space, and memory give birth to countless combinations of light, weaving together the web of traces in the night's flow. /


夜之眼 1,布面丙烯 ,200 x 150 cm 2022

Eye of Night 1,Acrylic on canvas,200x150 cm 2022


红雨,布面丙烯,150x200cm, 2023 

Red Rain,Acrylic on canvas,150 x 200 cm,2023



涌动,布面丙烯,120 x120 cm,2022

Surge,Acrylic on Canvas,120x120 cm,2022




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感知的流动,ArtPro Space,北京(2023);










Liu Lu ,1991,Taizhou, China. She currently lives and works in Hangzhou. She graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art with a Master's degree in 2017.Liu Lu's painting is based on a hazy and psychedelic visual experience of this era, revolving around the overlapping of light and shadow between the virtual and the real, she discovered that multiple exposures could connect images made in different time and space to create new illusions. She infuses the false and distorted yet delicate texture of "Gaussian blur" in filters into the paintings. She employs abstract shapes symbols, and lines to present those virtual yet daily existences. Liu Lu shows us another possibility of reestablishing real description and expression in a world where the boundaries between reality and falsehood, precision and ambiguity gradually blur.Recent exhibitions: Night is the Shadow of the Earth, Wind H Art Center, Beijing(2023);L′OEIL ECOUTE,Art pro Space, Beijing(2023);Sweet Spot, BLANK gallery,Shanghai(2023);Summit of Hermits, San to Hall, Zhengzhou(2022);A Marvellous Memory,Jiu shi Art Gallery, Shanghai(2022);K, Martin Goya Business, Hangzhou(2022);Inquiry to Change, Stone Art Gallery, Zhengzhou(2022); Anamorphosis, Fir Gallery, Beijing(2022); New West Lake, MoCA ,Shanghai(2021);Slightly Larger, Xu Gallery, Shanghai(2021).