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Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts is in accordance with international standards of the construction, completed in October 2012, officially put into use by the end of 2012, is now one of China's most modern college art museums. The museum is located in the main city of Nanjing, the main entrance facing north Hu Ju road, The under construction metro line 4 and the upcoming construction of the line 7 will be at this intersection, so the traffic will be very convenient.

The museum covers an area of 15,000 square meters, with three floors above ground and one basement. The total Exhibition and displayarea is 6,000 square meters, in addition to that, there are some special spaces, such as lecture hall, laboratory, rehabilitation rooms, warehouses,etc.The Hall is provided with world-class German Erco lighting system,and the whole museum has temperature and humidity control system.

The lecture hall can accommodate nearly two hundred people, four-channel simultaneous interpretation for holding international seminars, lectures and press conferences, etc. Other facilities include the reception desk, storage, cafes, bookstores and gift shops,etc. In front of the east entrance is a large open area Arts Plaza, which offers the city a cohesive public open space, meanwhile, the ground floor has a museum dedicated to underground parking for large events.

As an art museum of a university with one hundred years tradition, our museum will adhere to serious academic position, broaden academic horizons, high-level exhibitions, strict collection system. Our basic orientation is: based on Nanjing University of the Arts, facing the country, and conducting international exchanges. AMNUA willcreate an open and free artistic and academic space, dedicated to interact with teachers, students, artists and the audience.

AMNUA focuses on the construction of subjectivity, highlighting the ability of independent research and planning, emphasizing the distinctive and diversity of AMNUA,AMNUA will join the community to actively conduct public education activities, which highlights the nature of public welfare of Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts.