活动时间:2021. 05. 07 - 2021. 05. 15

活动地点:南京艺术学院美术馆 零展厅

"Ziyang & Charmian" - 司马源个人项目 | AMNUA零方案


S1: E2   The Painting is The Message 

"Ziyang & Charmian"



2021. 05. 07 - 2021. 05. 15  



No. 0 Hall, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts

南京艺术学院美术馆   零展厅

Artist 艺术家/

Sima Yuan  司马源

Produced by Yamin Wang and Jiang Hanfei

制作/王亚敏   蒋涵菲    

Team 团队

Jiang Hanfei   蒋涵菲   

Wang Ziyang   王紫阳  

Charmian Niu  牛畅

Di Zhengjie   狄政杰

Yamin Wang   王亚敏 


司马源利用每周给学生上课的机会,以各种方式形塑学生的审美观和创作思维,并将他们被“塑造前”和“塑造后”的结果以展览的形式呈现出来。每一件作品都是在漫长的教学过程中产生的交流、对话 、争论和妥协的结果。司马源探讨了她和学生们在这一过程中产生的关系。作为老师,她形塑了学生们的创作观念,但是他们被形塑的结果以及他们对此结果的认可与否才是问题的实质——在这个意义上,无论老师还是学生都只是处于艺术审美权力生态链上的不同位置而已。更高层面的艺术趣味和品位的区隔,以及治理与被治理关系,通过这样一种实验性的行动被提出来。



In this project, Sima Yuan continued her previous creative methods. She does not deliberately "make things" in material practice, but shapes the concept itself. From 2019 to 2021, while working part-time in an overseas affairs service agency, Sima Yuan used the cognition of the two students,Ziyang (male, 19- year-old) and Charmian (female, 17-year-old), as material to create. She has completed an experimental act of shaping the interest and taste of artistic creation by means of "counseling photography portfolio". And she accepts any possible results, as well as discusses questions raised from any standpoint. 

Every week when Sima Yuan teaches her students, she reshapes the aesthetic standard and mode of thinking of them in various ways and presents their "before and after" works in the form of exhibition. Each work is the result of communication, dialogue, controversy and compromise during the long teaching process. Sima Yuan discussed the relationship between her and the students during this process. As a teacher, she shaped the ideas of the students, but the results of the shaping and their recognition of the results are the essences of the issue. In this sense, both teacher and students are just in different positions in the ecological chain of artistic aesthetic power. The distinction between artistic taste at a higher level, as well as the governance-governed relationship, is proposed through such an experimental action.  

If the views on the art of the two students were once understood within the chain of "Creator-Art concept-Audience", then Sima Yuan's experiment stood outside this chain and exerted influence on it, as well as transforming and questioning itself. On one hand, she provided guidance to the students based on "the Big Other", the aesthetic taste of contemporary art. On the other hand, the students were actually chasing the recognition of "the Big Other". Therefore, in the entire process of "shaping" and "being shaped", the two sides are not opposed to each other but in a combination of certain desires and means.  

How do the ideas of the shaper and the shaped appear in the same work? What is the intermediate value of the final result between the two? Sima Yuan presents the issues above through this exhibition.

司马源 Sima Yuan



部分个展:获取,望远镜艺术家工作室,北京,(2019);觉知,尚8美术馆,北京,(2018);第二性,第十届连州国际摄影年展,连州,(2014);另一个欧洲,中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院,伦敦,英国,(2010)等。作品曾在英国FORMAT国际摄影节、济南国际摄影双年展、挪威卡布索美术馆(Kabuso Art Museum)、泰达当代艺术博物馆、中华世纪坛、天津美术馆、元典美术馆、501-序空间、無同空间等机构展出。

Sima Yuan, born in Beijing. B.S. from Nanjing University. M.A. from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. As a professional scientific background artist, Sima Yuan's works have artistic sensibility under the logic of science. Her work reflects the meaning of the role of the environment in this era through the individual experience in daily life.  For her, the age of consumption and the Internet age are the sources of artistic creation and imagination, thereby awakening audiences to think about the real situation of human beings.

Main solo exhibitions: Acquisition, TELESCOPE, Beijing, (2019); Awareness, Shang 8 International Art Center, Onyx Gallery, Beijing (2018); The Second Sex, the 10th Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Lianzhou, (2014); Another Europe, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK, (2010), etc. Her works have been known in FORMAT International Photography Festival ( UK ), AMNUA,  Jinan International Photography Biennale, KABUSO Art Museum (Norway),  Ingallery, CITIC Bank, The China Millennium Monument, Tianjin Art Museum, Rong Yi Art Museum, Yuan Art Museum, 501-XU SPACE, Wooton Gallery, etc.